Updates to Supported iOS Versions

While we attempt to provide wider support where possible, it is Bitmovin practice to provide official support for the Bitmovin Player for the last three major versions of native operating systems
(See our lifecycle policy).

As a result, official support for the iOS Player for iOS12 and iOS13 operating system versions will be withdrawn with the last Player release in March 2023.

Closer to this release, more information will be made available in Bitmovin Player documentation and release notes, as well as via the Bitmovin Developer Community.

What does this mean?

While you can continue using prior versions of our SDK to target iOS 12 and iOS 13 devices, as of the last iOS Player SDK release of Q1 2023, Bitmovin will not provide any new fixes and features for iOS12 and iOS13, and will not be able to guarantee full functionality or stability on iOS12 and iOS13 operating system versions.