Add Log verbosity on Bitmovin Player Android SDK

Currently the Bitmovin Android player SDK doesn’t expose log verbosity control feature which could impact time to resolution.
For example when the player is never getting ready it will be extremely useful to enable Bitmovin player and Exoplayer debug logs.

Hello @Nicolas.Stefani, thanks for bringing that up. We are continuously working on improving the means to investigate problems within our Android Player.

All information available for debugging is exposed over the event infrastructure. Apart from the general events like SourceEvent.DownloadFinished that might be interesting in your use case there are also specific events in place that notify about errors and warning within the player as well as an Info event that gives some general information.

Please have a look at this tutorial as well as our samples repository that has a sample dedicated to logging.

Please let us know if this helps and share any feedback you have.

Thanks for your feedback Lukas, our case Android v3 player random readyness issue at stream startup - #5 by albertobitmovin
will require Exoplayer level debug log to be enabled from Bitmovin config since the all the Manifest and fragments are correctly download but the player is not turning ready.

I see, thanks for clarifying. I assume you are referring to ExoPlayer’s EventLogger?

As mentioned, we are continuously working on improving debug capabilities and we will consider this suggestion in our efforts.

With our recent 3.34.0 release we introduced TweaksConfig.enableExoPlayerLogging that specifies whether ExoPlayer logs shall be printed to the logcat console .

This enables advanced debugging of underlying ExoPlayer logs.

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